Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Elephant Game

Elephant games

Elephants have been known to have a very close bond to their families or elephant herd. Keeping this in mind just as human beings, socialization is just part of these beautiful animals.  Playing in the open grass lands is what elephants do but when you come to think of it, much as they would love to do it in the open, elephants will find interest in any thing which will amuse them and thereby make use of it while the fun gains momentum.

How much or what would it take elephants to gear up and start playing their games? This is just one question which we humans have yet to understand as we have just very little knowledge with all the elephant research which has been carried out in trying to understand the African and the Asian elephants on how these beautiful creatures behave while in the wild and while in captivity as well. As the baby elephants take their first stem after plunging on the hard ground when they a e born, taking that first step in their life is just as crucial as it is for the elephant heard making the elephant train across the wilderness in may of the African plains and protected national parks and game reserves. 

With every inch of the spent in its early life, many games involving the mother elephants take place while the elephants are eating or just taking that plunge in the nearby river or watershed. Spectacular splashing of water is just what elephants like to do. Jumping on one another in the water among the young elephants is a game which elephants like to play and to crown it all nothing is more fun that getting fully submerged in the water or just sitting down in the scorching sun enjoying the water in places where water is in plenty for the elephants. With little or scarcity of water in many of the forest or regions of the world, elephants just prefer to take a birth in the shallow or muddy water they can find, Where do you thing the name African red elephants of Tsavo came from? 

The rich red volcanic soil along the Tsavo area is just the perfect red soil to turn a gray African elephant to an amazing pure photogenic red elephant worth a million bucks amazing safari photograph. Its always amazing to see the different elephants playing not just according o their age group but as a herd within their natural boundaries.  These elephant games which seen not to have a clear code of ethics is just one of its kind. With a s little effort or with as much effort needed, these amazing huge elephants can be as hard on one another and as caring while playing their own games as any other wild animal who wants to socialize and to get along with others depending the weather and the nature of festivity.  

Blessed with their six major muscles elephants use their trunks to show affection and to convey any kind of communication only understood by the elephants. The elephant trunk is just the perfect tool for playing games of catching and throwing, some of the elephant games include twisting of objects they find within their natural habitat and breeding grounds while at the same time trumpeting and bellowing to show dissatisfaction and satisfaction as well. 

With more or less extra sensory perception, these elephants with a very cute sense of smell can just detect when to play games or when not to be around other elephants depending on their moods as well. As they say, if there s trouble in the air, the elephants can smell it. If there is rain, the elephant can smell it. 

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