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Beautiful dangerous African Antelope

The wild ANTELOPE of African Savannah

Antelope is a mammal species.  There are always thousands of these antelope sin Africa than in any other part of the world. As a matter of fact, the antelope do  resemble cow dog and sheep. All antelopes belong to  the even-toed species of ruminant mammals, which are herbivores. There are no better movies and videos about antelopes than the ones taken on an African safari. Many a times you will always see a cheetah chasing an antelope or a gazelle a long the African savannah and the American plains they are  plenty of antelopes   which make up  from  over 90 species. Many of the antelopes from different parts of Africa and the world at large may vary in appereance from each other . habitat strategy and range. A group of Antelopes can be referred to as a 'herd'.
Facts About Antelope
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Artiodactyla
Family: Bovidae
Genus: About 30 genera
Species: About 90
Weight: 589kg
Length: 150 cm
Top Speed: 43mph
Age: 12 years
Diet: Herbivorous
Habitat: Woodlands, forests, savannahs, grassland plains, and marshes.
Number of Offspring: 1

Just like the antelope, the eland on the other hand is one of the largest African antelope in the African content The eland is about 600kg  and has a height of 1.8 meters. Just as the antelopes of the African Savannah lands the eland is also found in many parts of e central, east and southern parts of Africa, coastal plains, mountain areas and  semi deserts regions. With many of the antelope species and mainly the eland, this animal is already considered an endangered. People in different parts of the eland natural habitat have  been hunting the eland for its meat and for the skin as well. Despite many efforts to help quell the problem, poaching is one aspect which has no borders as may of these elands just cross national boundaries only to be victims of animal attacks and poaching there laws are not enforces.

There is no animal as beautiful as far as the impala species are concerned. The kudu being a  sub-species of African antelopes consists of mainly  two subspecies. There are  two different kinds of  kudus the smaller kudus and the bigger kudus which are loved for their beautiful colors. In Africa and some of the many beautiful animals along the African Savannah you find that  kudus are found in East Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Tanzania  in protected national reserves and national parks as well. As far as the weight of the kudu is concerned, Kudus generally weigh abut  52kg to 60kg. The male African kudus are larger than the females African kudus. The bigger kudus are characterized by their massively prominent long horns which are borne by the males.  Kudus  are the largest  of all species of antelope which  can grow  to  around  2m in length.

Impala- ( Aepyceros melampus)
impala is a species of antelope family very beautiful magnificent, elegant , vulnerable  and harmless when you  stair at them. It is mainly characterized by its amazing leaping abilities. A male impala averagely weighs 45 - 76 kg, while a female, 30 - 50 kg. The impala creatures can be commonly found in places ranging from southern Africa especially in Kurgan Park in south Africa  to the northern limits of East Africa in Masai mara park, Amboseli park and many other parks in East Africa.


 Gerenuk.  have a long neck, they don’t need water for survival as the plants they eat contain water which keeps them  going and this amazing antelopes are found in eastern region of Africa especially in arid and semi arid areas.

Nyala(Tragelaphus angasii)

Nyala are another subspecies of antelopes the  colour resemblence is different from each other The male antelope is dark brown with vertical white stripes running on its masculine  body, while the female is of the color of  red rustish, marked with clear striping their so shyness makes them to  hide in water holes places  

The Oryx (Oryx gazelle) is one of the large species of African antelopes and most dangerous  due to its sharp lethal horns  which  kills their prey  by protecting themselves or their young ones , they are mainly known for killing lions ,their habitat is in the desert areas  where  they survive without water for a long time  they are  also known as the sabre antelope

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