Friday, 16 December 2011


The oceans of the world have been a source of many animal life and plant life which has been sustained for ages. Animal, birds and fish have been moving in and out day and night just looking for the perfect food to eat, the perfect time to play and the perfect time to be on the move looking for greener pastures. While these great waters as calm and serene as they may look, dangerous monsters of different sizes big and small are always on the lookout on unsuspecting creatures which move their way or eager to make a meal out of them. While the giant whales can be able to topple a ship within seconds, giant octopus can pounce on unsuspecting fishermen in boats and capsize it within minutes.

With many of the worlds oceans being able to sustain all the animal life, its amazing to know how strange the oceans are able to heal or just to bring a balance to its natural cycle during the different ocean currents of the year. Its at times like these with little knowledge about animals in the oceans when many people become vulnerable to shark attacks, jellyfish attacks and other kinds of attacks related to marine animals and marine life. While many of the tides may bring unwanted creatures along the beautiful beaches of Africa, Asia, Australia not forgetting USA and Canada, the migratory birds, alligators and other animals are always on the move completing their rituals of these endless journeys which have been there way back as long as history can remember.  While there could be a change in the global events such as the need for proteins found in the water, the hue and cry from all the animal rights activists will continue to be on the fore front now that many people are getting a glimpse of what this earth is all about regarding its beautiful flora and fauna which needs to be preserved, loved and protected. 

With the imagination of the deep seas being brought to light by the brave men and women who go down to explore the deep oceans, many animal discoveries have come to the limelight and there by creating the need to send more expedition. With such amazing discoveries, great writers find  the vision to create best selling movies while on the other hand Hollywood also has the chance to create block buster movies about the great oceans and its amazing myriad of sea animals

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